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Affordable accommodation in Valencia (Spain) | ELE ALEPH Spanish language school

Comfortable, safe and affordable accommodation no more than 30 minutes away from the school.

Although you are not obliged to book accommodation through us, you will find that our service is second to none. We carefully select our host families and apartments and monitor the quality of our students' experience. Take a look and find out what makes our service unique.

We care not only about our students, but also about our host families and property owners. After all, we cannot expect them to provide our students with the best experience if they are not fully satisfied. That is why we decided to become the first school in Valencia to not charge our families and owners any commissions for your accommodation. We only receive the proportional amount of one night as an accommodation fee to cover basic administrative costs. The rest goes entirely to the families and owners. That way we offer the cheapest service in Valencia and yet they receive the best deal. Together our students and us help support the local economy.

If you prefer to find your own accommodation, we recommend these trusted websites where you can find plenty of options at really good prices:

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