The following terms constitute a framework agreement between ELE Aleph (“we”, “us”, “our” or “the school”) and its customers/users (“they”, “them”, “their” or “(the) student(s)”).


• To book any of our services, students must contact ELE Aleph

• They can fill in the signup form provided on our website, contact us by email or come to the school

• Students must wait for confirmation after contacting us, which should be received within 48 hours

• Alternatively, they can book through an appointed agent or agency

• Agents and agencies can provide advice on courses and can also help with any visa requirements

• Signing up whatever the means used implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions

• If students require a visa, they must ensure they understand and meet the necessary requirements

• They will need to contact the Spanish embassy or consulate in their country

• For further information regarding visa requirements:

• We will always do our best to help our students


• Paying in advance before the course start date is usually not mandatory

• Students who do pay in advance, however, will have absolute priority

• Full payment must still be submitted before their first lesson at the latest

• Students can either pay in full or just a deposit to secure their reservation

• Bookings that have not been secured are subject to changes or modifications

• Late bookings made the week before the course starts do require a deposit of €50

• A €250 deposit must be submitted if students require an acceptance letter or similar supporting document

• Regular bookings accept an optional €150 deposit for booking completion and priority purposes

• Deposits will be deducted from the course when balance is paid

• Please note that special conditions may apply to some of our rates, offers and promotions

• Payment upon arrival is possible either in cash or by credit/debit card

• Payment in advance is possible either in cash, via bank transfer or by credit/debit card

• Accepted cards: Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, Discover and Diners Club International

• Students paying remotely by card are required to fill in and submit the form that will be provided

• In-person payments at the school will be made through POS terminal (PIN or signature might be necessary)

• Deposits can also be paid with PayPal and any card supported by their payment gateway

• A discount will be applied to courses that are fully paid at least 15 days before the course starting week

• Payments must be in euros only

• All bank charges and possible booking processing expenses must be paid by the buyer

• A copy of the transfer confirmation must be sent to us via email when paying via bank transfer

• Our current courses and services details and prices can be found on our website

• The school may make suggestions, but is not responsible for the choices students eventually make

• Similar price alternatives will be provided when requirements are not met

• Our prices include regular administrative costs, so no additional fees nor taxes will be applied

• A €30 enrolment fee per inscription will be applied when not booking directly with us

• Students entitled to any of our offers must let us know at the time of booking

• Students wishing to enjoy the 1x5 offer must make sure their contacts inform us at the time of booking

• All offers, discounts and price reductions are subject to completion of the course as initially booked

• Courses separated by 30 days or less will be considered part of the same booking

• Offsite courses may incur additional fees

• Books and materials are not included


• A €50 fee will be applied for cancellations made more than 24 hours prior to the course start date

• Students are not entitled to a refund for cancellations in the 24 hours prior to, on or after the course start date

• Courses or lessons missed due to late arrival/early departure, illness or other circumstances are not refunded

• Alternatively, we may provide a voucher redeemable by anyone within one year from the time it was issued

• It is not possible to cancel courses when any supporting document has been issued at the request of the student

• General visa policies may be applied in these cases, regardless of the purpose of the aforementioned document

• Refunds, if applicable, are issued exclusively in January and July


• It might be possible to make changes or modifications to courses even if they have already started

• Possibility will be determined by the school only based on space, time and other organisational aspects

• Changes to course dates must be notified to us at least 10 days before the date previously arranged

• Modifications may incur additional charges (30% min.)


• It is the students’ responsibility to allow enough time for the completion of their visa application

• If for whatever reason their visa is denied, fees will be refunded except for a 5% (€250 min.)

• In that case, the school must be notified in writing at least 10 days prior to the course starting week

• A €50 cancelation fee will be applied when notifications are received less than 10 days ahead

• Students must attach the official notification issued by the Spanish authorities

• Official notifications must include the date, seal/stamp and signature

• The student’s name, passport number and the visa requested must be clearly shown

• The school may request the student to make an appeal to the Spanish authorities if considered appropriate

• Documents are delivered for free (standard service)

• Express shipping service: €125



• General group courses start every Monday and finish any Friday

• Private lessons can start and finish any day of the week (Monday to Friday)

• Some special and seasonal courses may have specific start and finish dates

• A fully detailed and updated calendar is available in the courses section of our website


• Except for two weeks during Christmas, the school will always be open during public holidays

• If for whatever reason the school will not be open, students will be notified at the time of enrolment


• Students can take as many breaks from their courses as they wish

• Courses which have not started can also be postponed (up to one year)

• Any effect this may have on their visas or other personal aspects is the responsibility of the student only

• Students must notify the school at least 10 days before the intended break/initial starting date

• They must also inform us of their intention to resume/start their course at least 15 days ahead

• Breaks must be taken in blocks of whole weeks (up to 50 per booking)


• We are open Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 20.00

• Customer care hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 18.00

• All communications must be received during our customer care hours

• Courses timetable and calendar are decided exclusively by the school

• Students can tell us their preferred schedule and teacher, but it does not ensure confirmation nor acceptance

• They are provided with their timetable the week before their course starts, usually by Thursday or Friday

• In the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to change timetables or postpone classes

• Also to modify the type of course to any other course or combination of equal value


• Students are required to conduct a level test (unless they are absolute beginners)

• The level test assists us in assessing their learning requirements, level and class timetable

• Absolute beginners must notify us at the time of booking

• Any change of level or timetable is subject to approval by us and to availability of courses

• Level tests should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the course starting week

• Without this information we cannot ensure that students will be placed in the right group

• If this happened, it is very likely that students will miss at least the first lesson on their first day

• Should students not submit their tests in time, we reserve the right to postpone classes or modify/cancel courses

• Additional examinations can be conducted during the course at the request of the school


• Students have the responsibility to attend every class and make the most of them

• They must attend at least 80% of the classes, make academic progress and behave properly

• If not, we reserve the right to modify/cancel the course or change the group and level if necessary

• In the event of changes being to a group not yet started, students must wait until the group does begin

• The time waiting for the group is their responsibility and as such there shall not be a refund

• The contract will resume as soon as they continue classes in the new group

• Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to attend

• If no student shows up during the first 15 minutes, the class will be automatically cancelled for the day

• If students cannot attend everyday of the week, they must notify us

• These days could be discounted from their invoice or postponed upon approval by the school

• If the course has already been paid, they can be postponed or transferred to another student

• Classes missed for any properly justified reason could be postponed or transferred to another student


• When registering, students give us permission to send them information about us

• Also to use photos and videos of activities carried out during class and other school events

• The withdrawal of these permissions must be communicated in advance at the time of enrolment


• Students must inform us at the time of booking if they require accommodation or transfer services

• We are the intermediary between the students and the service providers

• Students must pay the full cost of the transfer service in advance (non-refundable)

• A non-refundable deposit of €150 is required when booking accommodation through us

• This deposit will be deducted from the total fees when balance is paid

• Placement fee: €50 per inscription, free with intensive, semintensive or private (5 hours/week min.)

• We receive the proportional amount of one night of the whole accommodation cost as an admin fee

• The rest of the total amount must be paid entirely to the providers

• Students must not invite nor allow anyone into the accommodation without previous consent

• They are also not allowed to use the kitchen when staying with a family

• Providers are committed to hosting the student and respecting the established conditions during the whole stay

• Families are committed as well to fostering their language immersion

• Students are committed to respecting the rules and the established conditions during the whole stay

• Failure to comply with their obligations may result in the cancellation of their stay

• We are committed to searching for a new accommodation as quickly as possible if significant problems arise

• In the event of significant damage caused by students, providers will assess the financial cost

• We will then check the scope of the damage to confirm the validity of their assessment

• Students are required to collect the keys to the accommodation between 8.00 and 20.00 on their first day

• Early or late arrivals require an additional €50 fee

• A double room is available only when requested by two students booking together

• If requested, students could be accommodated with someone else

• A maximum of 8 extra nights (4 before and 4 after) may be booked when possible

• Cancellations must be notified to the school at least 10 days before the check-in week

• 2 weeks of accommodation will be charged for cancellations made less than 10 days before the check-in week

• Cancellations made in the 24 hours prior to, on or after the check-in date are not entitled to any refund