Staying in a shared apartment is the most budget-friendly way to have a comfortable roof over your head during your stay with us. It is also a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Single room
shared bathroom
private bathroom
extra night

Double room
shared bathroom
private bathroom
extra night



Prices per week/night and person

Check-in: Sunday (08.00-20.00)

Check-out: Saturday (14.00)

Double rooms should be booked by two people booking together

■ Your own room and access to the kitchen

■ Your own set of keys for complete freedom

■ Choose from single room or double room

■ Linen is provided, but not towels

■ There is no access to telephone

■ All tax and charges are included

■ No more than 30 minutes from the school

Please, note that rooms are often not as large as students sometimes expect and where the flat is sometimes occupied by the landlord as well.