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Books and materials

The books that we use in class are not included in the price, but you have different options: you can buy the book here at the school (€20 each, around 5-8 weeks are covered per book), rent it from us (€5 for the whole duration of the course) or simply bring it along if you already have it, know someone you can borrow it from or find it cheaper elsewhere.

The books we normally use are Aula by Difusión (A1-B2), although depending on the level and the characteristics of each group we may also use other books such as Prisma (Edinumen), C de C1 (Difusión), Vitamina C1 (SGEL) or Preparación al DELE (Edelsa). Obviously, any photocopies teachers may provide are absolutely free.

If you finally decide to rent the book, we will need a €20 deposit of which we will refund €15 in cash at the end of your course when you return the book. If for whatever reason you forget to do so, you will have 15 days to bring it back and get your €15, no problem.

You will just need to bring something to take notes: pen and notebook, some paper, tablet or similar… It is not necessary to have a dictionary, but you can obviously bring it along too if you think it could come in handy.