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# Frequent questions

Shared flats

All flats are within walking distance from the school, usually no more than 10-15 minutes on foot (depending on availability at the time of booking), either in Petxina (5-10 min.), Ciutat Vella (5-15 min.) or Russafa (10-20 min.). If for whatever reason they are in a different area, we will inform you before proceeding with your reservation : )

Since we do not own the rooms our students rent, we have little control over the exact type of flat, number and age of tenants (mostly students of all ages or young professionals) or other aspects. Rooms are usually quite spacious, have a desk and internet connection is normally good. The smallest flats have just 3 rooms, while the biggest can have around 8 (when there are more than 4, there are usually at least 2 shared bathrooms). Since they are assigned upon arrival, it is very complicated to be sure of the exact characteristics of your room and whether it would suit your needs or live up to your expectations. For these reasons, we cannot provide pictures nor guarantee any specific aspect, sorry.

Flats are fully equipped with everything you may need during your stay, including kitchen utensils, bed linen and washing machine. You will only need to provide your own towel.

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