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# Frequent questions

Different group courses

All our group courses follow the same methodology and materials, the only difference between them is the amount of hours and number of days per week, which is the aspect students must take into account when deciding the one they prefer based exclusively on how much time they are willing or available to commit to classes:

Intensive+: 5 days (Monday to Friday), 20 hours (4 per day, break included)
Intensive: 5 days (Monday to Friday), 10 hours (2 per day)

Extensive+: 2 days (Mo. and We. or Tu. and Th.), 6 hours (3 per day)
Extensive: 2 days (Mo. and We. or Tu. and Th.), 4 hours (2 per day)

Whether students pay the regular price, choose any possible offer or special rate available at the time of booking or are entitled to a discount, groups are always the same for everyone. Students may pay differently, but they are not separated into groups based on this, only on the type of course selected and their level.

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