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# Frequent questions

Missing class

In case of urgent unexpected events, we may postpone lessons already paid if the school is informed before 09.00 (or one day ahead and within customer care hours for private sessions).

Anything beyond control that could not be anticipated such as a flight being cancelled, falling sick, a family emergency or being summoned by authorities could justify being absent, while simply changing one’s mind, going on a trip or having other plans, oversleeping, some work scheduling conflict, a surprise visit or a terrible hangover would be no excuse to miss a class : )

When justified, these are automatically rescheduled and added at the end of the current course (or as soon as there is availability), extending it as many days as students could not make it to class, easy as that.

It is important to keep in mind that all special offers (if requested and applicable), as well as extensive courses, admit no such changes, so classes missed are not compensated nor put off.

In any case, the total cost of the course will be adjusted to the actual number of classes held: weeks when the school is closed (Christmas, for instance) or when students are away are always deducted. Also holidays when we are not open, but only with our regular rate, not when benefitting from any of our special offers.

Remember that students can take as many breaks (whole weeks) as they wish from their course (except extensive), just need to let us know at least 10 days ahead.

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