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# Frequent questions


If you need to get a NIE (Spanish identity number) or TIE (Spanish identity card), we can assist you with the process. We will give you all the detailed instructions that you need to follow. Here is what you will need:

1. Form EX15 (NIE) or EX17 (TIE)
2. Form 790/012
3. Passport or national ID card (original and photocopy)
4. Any document that identifies you as a student (ELE Aleph's certificate)
5. One passport photo (TIE only)

We can provide you with all these documents and photocopies, help you fill them in and even try to get you an appointment with the police station or foreigners office on your behalf. Sometimes, additional documents such as the certificate of registry in the Town Hall might also be necessary, but we will assist you with that too.

If you already have your TIE but need to extend your stay in Valencia and therefore renew your card, then you will first of all need forms EX00 and 790/052 instead.

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