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Learn Spanish in Valencia and online

Our foreign languages studio Aleph is located in a traditional 1920's building in the very heart of Valencia,

just minutes away from some of the city's most impressive landmarks, like the old town gates Torres de Quart,

the modernist Estació del Nord (train station), Mercat Central (market) and Ajuntament (City Hall) or the gothic Llotja de la Seda.


At the core of everything we do is our belief that learning a language is one of the most rewarding investments you can make in your life.

We sincerely believe that there is no better way to learn or improve a language than interacting with real people in everyday life situations.

That is why we try our best to make your stay here as enriching as possible.


Whether you are looking to enjoy nightlife, relax on the beach, explore the countryside or discover a great city full of cultural activities,

Valencia is just your perfect choice

ELE Aleph, not just language courses


Certified quality

All teachers are qualified professionals with over

10 years' experience

Affordable prices

Because there is no need

for quality education to be expensive nor exclusive

Suitable courses

We have a course for everyone

to help you master the language

and achieve your goals

Dedicated staff

Let us know of anything

we can do for you to make

your experience better


Tell us if you can't find

your ideal course and we will

come up with a solution

We aim to guarantee full satisfaction for all our customers. 

Each and every one of our students is special to us and that is precisely how we hope to make you feel. 

Friendly environment

Make yourself at home in a nice,

intercultural context with

staff and students


The vast majority

of our students have

reached their objectives


Our facilities are

fully accessible

to all people


We offer a wide range

of mostly free daily

cultural activities


Right in the centre and

within short walking distance

from public transport

Our decalogue for customer satisfaction


A quick overview of our services


Management team, always here to help you


No better place to learn

«All language is a set of symbols whose use among its speakers assumes a  shared past. How, then, can I translate into words the limitless Aleph, which my floundering mind can scarcely encompass?»

Jorge Luis Borges

We are a cooperative, that is to say, our school is owned and run by the staff. Our company was founded on the principles of a new economic model which aims not to make big profits for shareholders, but instead, to create value for customers and a self-sufficient working model for its members.

All our students receive personal and friendly attention. We are like a big family of which we hope to make you feel part! After all, we understand how difficult it might be at times to live in a new country and, for that very reason, we always try our best to make you feel at home.

Lessons are held in small groups of up to 10 students and based on a communicative approach. That way, you will be able to start interacting in day-to-day situations in no time.