About our school

Our school is located in a traditional 1920's building in the very heart of Valencia, just minutes away from some of the city's most impressive landmarks and museums. We are not a big school, with an average of 500 students per year and around 30 each week, depending on the season. Obviously, with the fantastic weather in Valencia and its wonderful beaches, summer is the preferred time of the year for many of our students.

We are right in the centre and within short walking distance from public transport, including the main train station (the beautiful Estació del Nord), the bus station and some of the best connected underground stations (such as Àngel Guimerà and Túria). Moreover, we are surrounded by loads of nice restaurants and shopping areas and our facilities are fully accessible to all people.

The school is owned and run by the members of the staff, a team of highly trained and experienced people devoted to delivering an optimum and first class service to our students. Teachers are accredited DELE examiners by Instituto Cervantes and qualified professionals mostly with over 10 years' experience.

ELE Aleph is a recognised and accredited learning centre by local, national and international governments, organizations and education authorities such as Fevecta (Federación Valenciana de Empresas Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado), UCEV (Unión de Cooperativas de Enseñanza Valencianas), member of UECoE (Unión Española de Cooperativas de Enseñanza), and the International Co-operative Alliance. Also, we work in close collaboration with other schools and professionals that offer additional services for our students both in Valencia and across the country.

Except for two weeks during Christmas, we are always open Monday to Friday, even during public holidays, but if we ever decide to close for whatever reason, we will let you know when you book your course. In any case, the total cost of the course will always be adjusted to the actual number of classes held.

 About our courses

You can find detailed information about our basic all-year-round courses and offers on our website. Every little change we make is quickly updated so that you are always up to date and well informed when booking a course or any other service with us. Our seasonal and temporary courses and offers can be checked also on our website and on our social networks.


Our courses take place from Monday to Friday and from 8.00 to 20.00 (local time). Intensive courses run from 10.00 to 18.00 (although we may sometimes need to slightly modify these times), conversation classes are normally held at 09.00 and private lessons at any available time from 8.00 to 20.00 (both onsite and online). Extensive courses take place exclusively in the afternoon/evening.

Offsite courses are also available when possible. If it is not very far from our school, we can go wherever you want if you prefer to take your course somewhere else (your office, apartment, hotel...). Additional fees will be applied, though. Contact us if you want to know more.

Apart from our all-year-round programmes, we offer on a regular basis DELE exams preparation courses 4 weeks before each exam date and other special courses. Even in cases when they are not clearly advertised on our website or social networks, we may exceptionally offer these courses if requested by students. Just let us know and wait for confirmation.

Quality is no doubt our main concern. We will never accept more than 10 students per class to make sure we can provide the best service for all our students in relaxed and comfortable situations even during peak seasons. We will always try our best to help our students make the most from their experience here with us while having a good time as well.

If you need to miss class for some unexpected problem or justified reason, we can reschedule your lessons. Moreover, if you already know that you will need to miss lessons when booking your course, let us know and we will discount them from your invoice.

And remember that there is no enrolment fee nor additional taxes.

 About our students

We are an international school, so our students come from all over the world. The majority of them are obviously European (around 65%), although there is usually a good number of students from Australia, Brazil, Canadá, New Zealand and the USA too (about 20%). Approximately 10% come all the way from Asia and the rest from different corners of the earth.

The average age of our students is between 25 and 40, depending on the time of the year, although there are always younger and older students and in our experience they feel perfectly comfortable and integrated in our classes. Everyone is welcome!

Minimum registration age for our regular group courses is 16. Younger students can still enjoy classes with us, but either in private groups or lessons.

 About your visa

Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to enter Spain, but nationals of other countries often do and should contact their local Spanish embassy or consulate for further information. We are at your disposal to provide you with all necessary documents and to help you with all the procedures if you need a valid visa for your trip to Spain. Here is what you must do:


1. Choose your course, when it will start and finish date.

2. Send us a copy of your passport and tell us the address where you will be staying in Valencia (if known).

3. We will send you a draft of the school certificate for you to review and accept it.

4. After that, we need to receive at least a €250 deposit (or full payment).

5. We will then send the original documents to you.


If visa is denied, fees can be reimbursed as long as the cancellation is made at least 10 days prior to the start of the course. In order to receive the refund of the payment, ELE Aleph has to be contacted by letter or email. The student must send us the official letter of denial (with date, signature and seal) issued from a Spanish Consulate or Embassy in which name, passport number and visa requested are clearly visible.


 About your NIE/TIE

If you need to get a Spanish NIE (Spanish identity number) or TIE (Spanish identity card), we can assist you with the process. We will give you all the detailed instructions that you need to follow. You will need:

1. Form EX15 (NIE) or EX17 (TIE)

2. Form 790/012

3. Passport or national ID card (original and photocopy)

4. Any document that identifies you as a student (ELE Aleph's certificate)

5. One passport photo (TIE only)

We can provide you with all these documents and photocopies, help you fill them in and even get you an appointment with the police station or foreigners office on your behalf. Sometimes, additional documents such as the certificate of registry in the Town Hall might also be necessary, but we will assist you with that too.

If you already have your TIE but need to extend your stay in Valencia and therefore renew your card, then you will first of all need forms EX00 and 790/052 instead.

Thinking about working in Spain? Let us know and we will give more info about that too: getting your Social Security number, applying for a permit (if needed)...

 About your FAQs

Still have doubts? Contact us and we will try to come up with a satisfying answer!


We understand how difficult it is to arrange everything, so we will always try our best to make things a little bit easier for all of you.

Here on this page we have made a selection of some of the most frequently asked questions and topics that concern our students. However, chances are that we have forgotten to mention something that you might consider important. If such is the case, please do let us know.



我与Luis学习西班牙语将近一年,他的课程将授课和娱乐兼顾得很好。通过我们共同的努力,我已经拿到了DELE B2的证书,与此同时,我在他的课堂上也真的很享受。他的课以提高口语为主,你可以在课堂上尽可能多地的发表自己的见解,以此来提高口语。另外,语法也是课堂上不可忽视的一项,我们经常会有很多练习,你可以通过这些练习提高语法知识。Luis是一个很有趣的老师,他拥有自己的个性,和教学方法,例如,我们在课堂上看有意思的短片,发挥自己的想象力写一篇文章,做演讲等等

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