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Some ideas for the perfect course

Combo course

15 hours/week: intensive (10 hours) + conversation (5 hours). Make the most of your intensive course with an extra hour of conversation class per day.

Full course

20 hours/week: intensive (10 hours) + conversation (5 hours) + private (1 hour/day). A bit of everything! Don't miss any experience.

Immersion course

20 hours/week: intensive (10 hours) + private (2 hours/day). The best of both worlds! Individual lessons and all the social benefits of group classes.

Express course

20 hours/week: private (4 hours/day). Do you have little time and need to learn as fast as possible? Well, then this is your perfect choice.

Superhero course

30 hours/week: private (6 hours/day). Ok, we might be exaggerating, but you'll definitely need some supermotivation!

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