# Our guarantees

  # Certified quality  

     All teachers are qualified

professionals mostly with over

10 years' experience     

  # Friendly environment  


Make yourself at home in a nice

intercultural context with

     staff and students

  # Adaptability  

Tell us if you can't find

your ideal course and we will

come up with a solution     

  # Flexibility  


Do not worry if you          

ever need to miss any

               of your classes

  # Dedicated staff  


     Let us know of anything

we can do for you to make     

your experience better

       We aim to guarantee  

  full satisfaction            

                 for all our customers  


  Each and every one of       

       our students  

  is special  

  to us and that is precisely            

                 how we hope to  

  make you feel  

  # Success  


                    The vast majority

of our students have          

reached their objectives     

  # Affordable prices  


Because there is no need     

for quality education to be

expensive nor exclusive

  # Suitable courses  


We have a course for everyone

to help you master the language

and achieve your goals

  # Location  


Right in the centre and     

 within short walking distance

     from public transport

  # Accessibility  


          Our facilities are

fully accessible

to all people