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 # Special packs 

When can I  benefit  from these packs?


Whenever you want (and provided there is availability), just need to request it.

How many  packs  can I book?

One (1)

Only one at a time, but you can renew it (if available) during the last week.

Do I have to  pay  in full?


Full payment is required at the time of booking or when renewing.

Can I take  breaks ?


You may take breaks (whole weeks), just need to inform us 10 days ahead.

Are days when the school is  closed  made up?


Holidays are not deducted, postponed (only whole-week breaks) nor deducted.

What about lessons that I  miss ?


Classes missed are not postponed, deducted nor refunded.

Will I get a  refund  if I cancel?


Fees are not reimbursed after completing your booking.

Can I  combine  it with more classes?


It is not possible to add private lessons or another course to your pack.

Can I book  accommodation ?


It is not possible to book accommodation through us in this case.

Can I benefit from additional  discounts ?


No other promotion is applicable with these packs.

Remember that programmes separated by 30 days or less are considered an extension of any previous one.

Renewals cannot be reserved nor secured before the last week of course (and by 14.00 on the last day of class, only in person).

Availability is determined by the school based on different organisational aspects.

We suggest that, before making any decision, you check our courses descriptionterms and conditions and FAQs to find out more, no need to rush, and, if anything is not clear enough, just ask : )

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