ELE ALEPH Spanish language school

We understand how difficult it must be to choose an adequate language course to fit your needs the way you want. For that very reason we like to keep things simple for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a general Spanish course or some specific class (business-oriented courses, exams preparation...), we can guarantee a suitable choice for you regardless of your initial level. And always at the same price, no matter how specifically oriented they are or what your level is.

Our team of accredited teachers, a group of experts on the official DELE and Siele exams, makes ELE Aleph the perfect place to get ready for your exam. And if you need a visa for your stay, remember that we provide free support and most necessary documents for such purpose.

We offer four main types of courses that you can combine in whatever way suits you best to create your perfect programme (intensive, intensive+, private and conversation) and two special extensive ones (4 or 6 hours per week). Oh, and do not forget to take a look at our offers and seasonal courses : )

# Our teachers are accredited DELE examiners by Instituto Cervantes

# We are always open on weekdays, even during public holidays

# Our courses can be held onsite, offsite and online

# No minimum number of students required per group

# We will never reduce the number of hours booked

Get more for less
It is very simple, the longer you stay here with us, the cheaper each week of your course or private lesson will be.

No need to pay in advance
Though you will get an additional discount if you decide to do so at least fifteen days ahead.

Total prices guaranteed
There is no enrolment fee nor additional taxes, so there will be no surprises when you see your invoice.

Complete flexibility and adaptability
Let us know at the time of booking which days you will not be able to attend class and we will simply deduct them.

Accumulative weeks and lessons
Each time you come back, it will cost you less as we will apply the lowest rate reached during your previous course.

Free visa support
Whether you need a visa for your stay or to apply for a Spanish identity card or number, we are here to help you!