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# Términos legales


The following terms constitute a framework agreement between ELE Aleph (“we”, “us”, “our” or “the school”) and its customers/users (“they”, “them”, “their” or “(the) student(s)”).


• To book any of our services, students must contact ELE Aleph

• They must then wait for instructions, which should be received within 72 hours

• Alternatively, they can book through an appointed agent or agency

• Signing up whatever the means used implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions

• Minimum age to participate in any of our regular group courses is 18 (16 if authorised)

• Younger students can still take classes with us, but only private

• Our current courses and services details and prices can be found on our website

• The school may make suggestions, but is not responsible for the choices students eventually make

• Similar price alternatives will be provided when requirements are not met

• Programmes separated by 30 days or less will be considered an extension of any previous one

• Students may request to extend their course (if available) once it has started

• It is not possible to have more than one booked extension at a time

• Combining courses is not possible when benefiting from any discount or offer


• Our prices include regular administrative costs, so no additional fees nor taxes will be applied

• An enrolment fee (per inscription) will be required when not booking directly with us

• All offers, discounts and price reductions are subject to completion of the course as initially booked

• The base price is that which includes no offer, discount or price reduction

• Book lending service included (refundable deposit required)

• Books must be returned in good condition and within 15 days from the end of the course

• Offsite courses will incur additional fees


• Paying at the time of booking (once availability is confirmed) is mandatory

• Quotes, (pre)bookings and confirmations are valid for 12 hours only unless otherwise stated

• Remote payment is possible either via bank transfer or by credit/debit card

• In-person payment is possible either in cash or by credit/debit card

• Accepted cards: Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, Discover and Diners Club International

• All bank charges and possible booking processing expenses must be paid by the buyer

• A copy of the transfer confirmation must be sent to us via email when paying via bank transfer

• Should the transfer not have been received before the first class, a deposit will be required upon arrival

• Payments must be in euros only


• Students may cancel their courses at any time and with immediate effect

• The school must be informed (preferably in writing) within customer care hours

• Fees can be reimbursed in most cases (deductions may apply, not redeemable)

• If notified at least 10 days before the week the course starts, there will be no deduction

• If notified after, classes scheduled up to that day will be deducted (base price, 1 week min.)

• Any absence not agreed at the time of booking will not be regarded as time off from the course

• There will be no refund when any supporting document has been issued at the request of a student

• A supporting document is any file or written text that can serve as proof of inscription (not an invoice)

• Students who have modified their course (except breaks) are not entitled to a refund either

• Lessons missed due to late arrival/early departure, illness or other circumstances are not reimbursed

• Bank charges and other related expenses must be paid by the student

• Sessions cancelled by the school are fully refunded (except when noted)


• It might be possible to transform, shorten or postpone a course (once per booking only)

• Possibility will be determined by the school only based on organisational aspects

• Once agreed and accepted by students, they can no longer be reverted

• Intended changes must be notified to us at least 10 days ahead

• Transforming any booked course into a different type may be possible

• Sessions up to the day changes come into effect will be deducted (base price)

• The remaining balance may then be used to purchase new classes (base price)

• Shortening a course implies a partial cancellation (see section above)

• Extending it by adding more classes is possible (provided there is availability)

• Courses which have not begun can be postponed (up to one year)

• Students may also take breaks in blocks of whole weeks and up to 30 per booking

• They must inform us of their intention to start or resume classes at least 20 days ahead

• The school will then confirm the exact new date (subject to availability)

• Classes missed (3 per week max.) are postponed (once) and added at the end of the current course

• They will be automatically rescheduled by the school upon finishing and as soon as there is availability

• For group classes to be rescheduled, students must inform us before 09.00 am

• Private lessons, once started, can only be postponed when notified at least one day ahead

• Please, remember that all notifications must be received within customer care hours

• In case of illness, students must not return to class until at least the following week

• Any effect changes may have on students’ personal circumstances is their responsibility only

• Take into account also that these may incur additional charges

• The number of students per group may be exceptionally and temporarily altered


• Courses may have specific start and finish dates

• The school will be closed on selected days

• A fully detailed and updated calendar is available on our website

• Students will be notified at the time of enrolment if the school will not be open

• The total cost of the course will be adjusted to the actual number of classes


• We are open Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 20.00

• Customer care hours: Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 18.00

• All communications must be received during our customer care hours

• Courses timetable, calendar and instructor are decided exclusively by the school

• Students can tell us their preferred schedule and teacher, but it does not ensure confirmation nor acceptance

• They are provided with their timetable the week before their course starts, usually by Thursday or Friday

• Times can exceptionally differ from the ones detailed in the description of each course and change anytime

• In the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to change timetables or postpone classes

• Also to modify the type of course to any other course or combination of equal value

• Teachers may occasionally change when necessary


• Students are required to take a level test (unless they are absolute beginners)

• The level test assists us in assessing their learning requirements, level and class timetable

• Absolute beginners must notify us at the time of booking

• Any change of level or timetable is subject to approval by us and to availability of courses

• Level tests should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the course starting week

• Without this information we cannot ensure that students will be placed in the right group

• If this happened, it is very likely that students will miss at least the first lesson on their first day

• Should students not submit their tests in time, we reserve the right to postpone classes or modify/cancel courses

• Additional examinations can be conducted during the course at the request of the school

• Students may change level as many times as the school considers it appropriate

• Progress is constantly monitored and assessed by teachers


• Students have the responsibility to attend every class and make the most of them

• They must attend at least 80% of classes, make academic progress and behave properly

• If not, we reserve the right to modify/cancel the course or change the group and level if necessary

• Should a course be cancelled due to students’ behaviour, they will not be entitled to a refund

• Courses will also be cancelled (no refund) when students fail to show up in time for their first class

• In the event of changes being to a group not yet started, students must wait until the group does begin

• The time waiting for the group is their responsibility and as such there shall not be a refund

• The contract will resume as soon as they continue classes in the new group

• Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to attend

• If no student shows up during the first 15 minutes, the class will be cancelled for the day (no refund)

• If students are unable to attend any of their classes, they must notify us

• In case of illness, students must not return to class until at least the following week

• Should they feel unwell or show any sign of it during events held by the school, they must wear a face mask

• In case of fever or severe symptoms, they will be required to leave


• When registering, students give us permission to send them information about us

• Also to use photos and videos of activities carried out during class and other school events

• The withdrawal of these permissions must be communicated in advance at the time of enrolment


• If students require a permit, they must ensure necessary requirements are understood and met

• Detailed information should be provided and corroborated by Spanish authorities

• Students must contact the embassy/consulate in their country or local foreigners’ office in Spain

• For further information regarding permit requirements:

• It is the students’ responsibility to allow enough time for the completion of their application

• If, for whatever reason, their permit is denied, fees will be refunded*

• In that case, the school must be notified in writing at least 20 days prior to the course starting week

• Please, remember that all notifications must be received within customer care hours

• Students must attach the official notification issued by the Spanish authorities

• Official notifications must include the date, seal/stamp and signature

• The student’s name, passport number and the permit requested must be clearly shown

• The school may request the student to make an appeal to the Spanish authorities if considered appropriate

• Documents are delivered for free (standard service)

• Express shipping service: €250


*Bookings completed before 16.10.2023: “If, for whatever reason, their visa is denied, fees will be refunded (except for €150 min.)”.


• Students must inform us at the time of booking if they require accommodation

• Only available when booking intensive, intensive+ or private 1-to-1 (5 hours per week min.)

• Booking accommodation through us is not possible when benefiting from any discount or offer

• We are the intermediary between the students and the service providers

• We receive the proportional amount of one night of the whole accommodation cost as an admin fee

• The rest of the total amount will be paid entirely to the providers

• Students must not invite nor allow anyone into the accommodation without previous consent

• They are also not allowed to use the kitchen when staying with a family

• Any dietary requirements must be notified at the time of booking (family stay not recommended)

• Providers are committed to hosting the student and respecting the established conditions during the whole stay

• Families are committed as well to fostering their language immersion

• Students are committed to respecting the rules and the established conditions during the whole stay

• Failure to comply with their obligations may result in the cancellation of their stay

• We are committed to searching for a new accommodation as quickly as possible if significant problems arise

• In the event of significant damage caused by students, providers will assess the financial cost

• We will then check the scope of the damage to confirm the validity of their assessment

• Students are required to collect the keys to the accommodation between 14.00 and 20.00 on their first day

• A maximum of 8 extra nights (4 before and 4 after) may be booked when possible

• Cancelling accommodation does not imply the cancellation of courses

• Any amount paid for accommodation is never reimbursed nor redeemable

• Changes and modifications are not allowed

Some bookings, courses, rates and offers may be subject to specific conditions. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they understand and meet requirements.

Regular rate

• Previous intensive and private courses may be taken into account when calculating the price

• Not applicable when students benefit from our basic rate or book accommodation through us

Basic rate

• Students interested in our basic rate must request it at the time of booking

• Reservations must be completed by 14.00 on Friday the week before

• Weekdays when there is no class are not deducted, postponed nor refunded

• Whole-week breaks when the school is closed are postponed

• Classes missed for any reason are not postponed, deducted nor refunded

• No exception (emergency, illness...), students must choose at their own risk

• Fees are never reimbursed after completing a booking

Intensive+ course

• Minimum number of students required per class is 4 per week

• Weeks when it is not reached are transformed into intensive and proportional fees reimbursed

• Daily sessions are indivisible, partial absences are never rescheduled

Private course

• Should the schedule not suit a student when the school notifies them, lessons can be postponed

• Also when not accepted within 24 hours from the moment they are informed

Extensive courses

• Inscriptions must be completed at least 20 days before the starting week of the course

• Minimum number of students required per class is 4 during the whole duration of the course

• Should it not be reached at least 20 days before the starting week, fees would be reimbursed

• There will be no classes on public holidays, these will simply be postponed

• Changes are not allowed, not possible to transform, shorten or postpone courses

• Classes missed for any reason (no exception) are not postponed, deducted nor refunded

• Cancellations must be notified at least 20 days before the starting week

Frequently asked questions:

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