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 # Calculadora 

Nuestros cursos

Choosing a language course can be difficult, we know. For that very reason, we like to keep things simple.

We offer four types of group courses (held exclusively onsite) as well as private lessons. Whether you are looking for a general Spanish programme or to achieve some particular goal (passing an exam, for instance), we should have a suitable choice. And always at the same price, no matter how specifically oriented they are (only private, though), what your level is (from absolute beginners to C2, students are separated and grouped accordingly) or when you do it (no seasonal rates).

There is no need to rush in, take as much time as you need and, if anything is not clear enough, just ask, this is what we are here for. As much as we would love to live up to everyone’s expectations, we understand that might not be possible, but a calm decision is definitely the best starting point. Our goal here at ELE Aleph is to help everyone achieve theirs… or at least try : )

You can find detailed information about our courses on our website. Every little change we make is quickly updated so that you are always up to date and well informed when signing up.

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