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 # Frequent questions 

Payment and cancellations

Paying at the time of booking is necessary if you want to secure your reservation.

Students may cancel their courses at any time and with immediate effect, no need to explain why (we will not ask, promise). It is always sad to see someone go, but we understand they must have their reasons and it is not our intention to make things complicated for anyone.

If we are informed at least 10 days before the week the course starts, we can refund the money, otherwise, we will simply deduct all sessions up to that day (if the course had already started) as well as any break or absence that was not originally agreed at the time of booking (1 week min.) and reimburse the rest, easy as that. Remember that “all offers, discounts and price reductions are subject to completion of the course as initially booked”, therefore, the base price is the one that will always be applied to these lessons.

In case the school has issued any supporting document as proof of inscription (an acceptance letter or enrolment certificate, for instance, but not an invoice) at the request of a student, fees can only be refunded if the purpose of it is to apply for a student permit and it is denied by Spanish authorities (we must be notified at least 20 days prior to the course starting week, official letter required).

Do not forget, however, that some bookings are subject to specific conditions: our basic rate, for example, is not refundable once a booking is complete (no exception) and extensive courses must be cancelled at least 20 days ahead to get the money back (no exception either).

It is also very important to keep in mind that any amount paid for accommodation is never reimbursed. Unfortunately, since we do not own the rooms our students rent through us, this is not a decision we can change : (

Remember that all communications must be received within customer care hours.

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