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# Frequent questions

Pricing and instalments

Our prices are calculated based on the total number of weeks (group classes) or hours (private lessons) you purchase: the longer you plan on staying with us, the cheaper it will be.

Depending on different aspects such as the type of course and duration selected or when and how students pay, there may be some offers (our special rate, for instance) students may choose to benefit from or discounts (like the “booking early” one) that may be applicable.

Only classes that have been paid are secured: students can simply purchase any duration they choose and as many times as they want as long as there is availability. Therefore, paying in instalments is not possible.

For example, a student who intends to do two weeks of intensive course, could [1] book and pay it all or [2] just one week and then add another. The first option will most likely be cheaper, but the second may be a better choice for students unsure of how long they will eventually be staying, that could be leaving earlier than expected or that simply prefer not to pay much in one go.

In short: you can purchase any number of weeks/hours (minimum duration is 1 private hour, 1 week of intensive or intensive+ or 8 weeks of extensive or extensive+) and then extend your course (if available) the way that suits you best: hour by hour, week by week, month by month... In this case, there may even be some offers on our website that could be nice (and cheaper!).

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