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# Frequent questions

The school

Our school is located in the very heart of Valencia, just minutes away from some of the city's most impressive landmarks and museums. We are not a big school, with an average of 500 students per year and around 30 each week, depending on the season. Obviously, with the fantastic weather in Valencia and its wonderful beaches, summer is the preferred time of the year for many of our students.

We are right in the centre and within short walking distance from public transport, including the main train station (the beautiful Estació del Nord), the bus station and some of the best connected underground stations (such as Àngel Guimerà and Túria). Moreover, we are surrounded by loads of nice restaurants and shopping areas and our facilities are fully accessible to all people.

The school is owned and run by the members of the staff, a team of highly trained and experienced people devoted to delivering an optimum and first class service to our students. Teachers are accredited DELE examiners by Instituto Cervantes and qualified professionals mostly with over 10 years' experience.

ELE Aleph is a recognised and accredited learning centre by local, national and international governments, organizations and education authorities such as Fevecta (Federación Valenciana de Empresas Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado), UCEV (Unión de Cooperativas de Enseñanza Valencianas), member of UECoE (Unión Española de Cooperativas de Enseñanza), and the International Co-operative Alliance. Also, we work in close collaboration with other schools and professionals that offer additional services for our students both in Valencia and across the country.

Except for two weeks during Christmas and on some holidays (not all), we are always open Monday to Friday, but if we ever decide to close for whatever reason, we will let you know when you book your course. In any case, the total cost of the course will always be adjusted to the actual number of classes held.

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