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 # Frequent questions 

Teachers and staff

The school is owned and run by members of the staff, a team of highly trained and experienced people devoted to delivering an optimum and first class service to our students. Our company was founded on the principle of not making big profits for investors, but creating value for students and a self-sufficient working model for its members.

Teachers are dedicated and qualified professionals with years of experience, graduated from university, accredited examiners by Instituto Cervantes and all native Spanish speakers.

All our students receive personal and friendly attention. We do not rely on sophisticated software or apps to handle things. Before signing up, throughout the inscription process and during the course, it will always be people taking care of people, guiding students and monitoring their progress.

We aim to guarantee full satisfaction for everyone. Each and every one of our students is special to us and that is precisely how we hope to make them feel. And, because there is no need for quality education to be expensive nor exclusive, rates should always be fair and courses affordable.

Because, sometimes, less can mean more (and better).

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