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 # Frequent questions 

Class duration, timetables and dates

All our courses are 1 hour = 60 minutes, being the only exception the intensive+, which runs for 4 hours everyday, but has a 20-30 minute daily break after the first two (something like 215 minutes of class each day). The rest of courses have no break.

Courses can take place at different times and on different days as detailed on the courses section of our website:

Intensive: Monday to Friday 10.00-12.00 or 12.30-14.30.
Intensive+: Monday to Friday 10.00-14.00 or 12.30-16.30.
Private: Monday to Friday at any available time 08.00-20.00.
Extensive: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 15.00-17.00.
Extensive+: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 15.00-18.00.

From time to time, there may be additional options.

Schedules cannot be chosen, they are determined by the school based on the level, number of students, availability and other organisational aspects. It is not until Friday before courses start that we have the definitive timetable. Students limited to specific times or days are therefore recommended not to complete their booking.

We follow a syllabus of contents that is organised weekly. Therefore, since our classes are not standalone sessions, it is not possible to come at different times on different days because students would end up missing important information from the previous day that might be necessary to understand what they are doing in each class. That is why we assess the level of all students before they start their course, to have a better understanding of what their specific needs are and which group could be best for each.

Students can start (provided there is availability) any week they like (unless they are absolute beginners) if they go for one of our intensive courses (intensive or intensive+), any day of the week (Monday to Friday) if doing just private sessions or the first week of September if they choose an extensive course (extensive or extensive+).

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